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Vintners Collective – Private lunch

Thank you Dennis Rippey and cast of Vintners Collective!!

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Another Day at the Office… Day 2 – the search for a good casing

Whew… I was neither impressed nor disappointed in yesterdays experience of “Making Rebel-Dog’s First Hot Dog”… BUT… I have to keep the momentum going!  Today is the next step in the search for the perfect casing… After many stores/butcher shops and peoples opinions I am off the The Ranch Market in Napa to gather yet […]

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Here WE go!! Rebel-Dog has started Making Our Own Dogs!

Well… today is the day.. We began the process of making the worlds BEST dog… ha.. or at least that is what WE think!  Today we came up with our first recipe – ALL natural ingredients.  I didn’t imagine I was going to get it on the first try BUT.. much to my surprise – […]

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